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Rule Description
Each member will be responsible for payment in the amount of $375 for the 16 week season for fees that include 16 weeks of greens fees, weekly prizes, year end prizes, year end banquet, and weekly skins pool. Discounts for members of Stadium Golf Club will be applied to the amount owed. All fees are due by March 15th of each year. Checks will be held by the commissioner and deposited on April 10th. 
The TNT league is a men's golf league consisting of 24 members. A sub list of additional players will be published for use by the members. 
League fees are non-refundable. In the event that a member is unable to play, it is his responsibility to find a substitute. Members are financially responsible for 16 weeks of play and it is their option to collect any greens fees from their substitutes. Every member should make every attempt to ensure that they, or a designated sub, be present each week. Repeated no shows (no member, no sub) may result in that member not being invited to return for future seasons. 
The league will play on Wednesday evenings at Stadium Golf Club in Schenectady starting the last Wednesday in April. Tee off times are between 5:15 - 5:53pm. Play will promptly begin at this time. 
A league dinner will be scheduled at the end of the season to be enjoyed by all league members. 
Please arrive at the course at least 20 minutes before your tee time to allow for unloading your equipment and arrive at the tee on time. If you wish to rent carts for a specific week, it is the member's responsibility to arrive early and arrange for the rental at their own expense. 
All score cards must be filled out completely and turned in as soon as play has been completed. 
League play will be suspended or canceled only if the golf course management closes the course due to dangerous weather conditions. 
Handicaps will be determined by capability and based on the last ten scores for each golfer. The lowest 6 of the last 10 scores (within past 2 seasons) are averaged to determine the handicap. 
10  For handicap purposes, the maximum score on any hole is double par (i.e. 6 on a par 3, 8 on a par 4, etc. However, the actual score earned should be recorded on the scorecard and used for determining the winner of the hole as well as for total score for the round. Scores that exceed the maximum should be clearly marked and an "adjusted" total score should also be listed on the scorecard. 
11  You may search for a lost ball for up to 3 minutes, after which you must take a one stroke penalty and drop a ball within 2 club lengths from where the ball entered the hazard, or anywhere along the flight path, no closer to the hole. If you believe your ball will be lost, you may play a "provisional" from the tee in the event that you can not find your ball. If the ball is found to be unplayable or lost you may drop as noted in this rule with a one stroke penalty. Likewise, in the event you need to drop a ball due to an obstructed shot, a one stroke penalty is assessed. 
12  A schedule will be published for the season. Certain weeks will be highlighted with a "special event" such as closest to the pin, most putts, least putts, best ball play, etc. 
13  Teams of two players each will be determined at the beginning of the season. Players will have the option of selecting a partner for the season. For those persons who do not select a partner, a random pairing will take place among these players thus assigning teams for the season. 
14  Head to head competition will be adjusted based on the difference between handicaps. Strokes to be given will be based on the course rating by hole. (i.e. If one stroke is to be given, it will be given on the hole, to be played, with the highest degree of difficulty). Winner will be identified as the player with the lowest net score. 
15  Play will be between the low handicap members of each team, as well as between the high handicap players. In the case that both team members have the same handicap, an asterisk will note the handicap on the scorecard and a flip of the coin will determine the low handicap player for that week. 
16  Regular season scoring: Each week a team may be awarded up to 8 points. Two points for each golfer that wins their respective head to head (low net) competition. Two points will be awarded to the team that wins the match. In the case of any ties, 1 point will be awarded to each player / team. Each league member in attendance wins 1 point each toward their team total. 
17  Playoff scoring: Each week a team may be awarded up to 12 points. Two points for each golfer that wins their respective head to head (low net) competition. Two points will be awarded to the team that wins the match. In the case of any ties, 1 point will be awarded to each player / team. Each league member in attendance wins 3 point. Subs playing from one of the 6 non-playoff teams win 2 pts each. 
18  Teams will compete based on match play. The team that has the lowest combined net score per hole will "win" the hole. The team that wins the most holes will win the match. Ties are not carried over. In the event that a team has a “no show”, one match point will be forfeited for each golfer without a sub and the golfer present will play their opponent for the other match point. If both teams each have a “no show” – the present golfers will play for both match points. 
19  In the event of play by a substitute golfer, the league will determine the handicap of this golfer. Regular league substitutes will have published handicaps on the sub list. If sub does not have established handicap (at least 5 scores in past 2 years), the opponent will win the 2 pts if their net score – 3 is below par for that nine. 
20  In the event a member, or designated sub, does not play, they will be penalized with a seven (7) stroke penalty. Team with "no show" may not win "low net" points if opponent does not earn points with a net score vs 7 over par. Opponent wins 1 point if net score (less seven strokes) equals par. Opponent wins 2 points if net score (less seven strokes) is less than par. 
21  Playoffs based on standings for the full season. Top 6 teams make the playoffs with top 2 teams (by team season total points) receiving a bye in the first week. On week 14, #3 seed vs #6 seed, and #4 vs #5. On week 15 the #1 seed plays the highest remaining seeded team (i.e. #6) while the #2 seed will play the lowest remaining playoff team. On week 16, the league champion is determined as the winner of the match between the semi final winners. Match tiebreakers will be based on a match of cards based on scores on each hole (hardest to easiest handicap) until the tie is broken. 
22  For golfers that arrive after their scheduled tee time, golfers in attendance will play their corresponding opponent golfer for the match point for each hole until the tardy golfer arrives. 
23  Improving your lie - All golfers may improve their lie in the fairways (winter rules). 
24  Play will alternate between WHITE and BLUE tees. During playoff matches on the BACK nine, the lowest (i.e. #1) seeded team playing that week will determine the tees to play for all matches that week. 
25  When your ball enters the driving range, it is a one stroke penalty. You may drop your ball 2 club lengths from where it entered the range, or anywhere along the flight path, no closer to the hole. 
26  Check the score card for the golf course local rules. 

Rules updated - effective for the 2018 season

As TNT members we are playing for the joy of playing golf -- TNT rules do override official USGA rules and we have intentionally simplified some rules (i.e. lost ball, required provisionals, etc) in the sake of finishing prior to dark.

However, to increase your golf knowledge and vocabulary, you may click here for a PDF copy of the USGA Rules of Golf.